Swift Dropshipping Program

If you own a blog, site, or online platform with similar target market as us and has traffic, then dropshipping our Swift water filters would be an added advantage to your business. Swift Green Filters offers you high-quality water treatment products.

With our dropshipping program, you can sell our high quality products without having an inventory of the product. When you post the product on your website and make a sale, we take care of the delivery to your customer and handle every other thing needed for the product to get to the customer, while we would provide you with a tracking number of the product. You can make a profit from the comfort of your home or any other place, without an overhead cost and middle man to reduce your profit.

Why choose dropshipping with Swift Green Filters?

You do not only get the right to sell our quality and reliable products, but you also enjoy the following benefits on our dropshipping program.

No Start-Up/Overhead Cost

You do not need to spend a dime to be a part of this dropshipping program. All you need is a site that caters for similar things to the product we offer, sign up, and you begin to make profits. Becoming our dropshipper is 100% free and incurs zero cost.

Competitive Prices

Our water filter prices are quite affordable, and this means that you make maximum profit on each sale as there is no middle man.

Good-Profit Margin

The profit margin on each sale you make is high, and you get to grow your business without stress.

Pricing Transparency

You do not need to pay membership fees, and no extra charge applies for drop shipping any of our products.

Priority Order Fulfilment

When you make any sale, we will provide you with the required support to ensure that every order is fulfilled and handled as a priority.

No Order Restrictions

You can get as many water filter orders as possible as there is no limit to the number of drop shipping orders.

Detailed Product Feed

We provide you with detailed images, prices, and product description, which makes it easy for you to make sales and make more profit and convert potential customers.

No Need For Inventory

The aim of dropshipping is to give you access to sell our products without having an inventory for it, and this means that you have reduced risk. For every sale you make, we help you deliver the product to the customer.

Excellent Drop Shipping Support

Our team are always available to offer you the necessary support needed to sell any product, and we also offer customer support to anyone that buys a product from your site.

What you need to do to become a Swift Green dropshipper

Being our drop shipper is easy and requires the following steps.

When we deliver the product, we do not put our address on the package, but, the package has your return address. We also do not include the price paid for the item. These steps ensure that the customer remains yours even if we handle the logistics need for the customer to receive the product.

Reach out to us today to become a Swift Green dropshipper and make extra income while maximising your site traffic


Sign up here to create a drop shipper account


Get the images and detailed description of the product(s) you want to sell


Post the product on your website


A visitor on your website views and orders the product


You place an order for the product from us.


We sort the order and ship it to the customer, then provide you with the product's tracking number.


You earn a huge profit on the order.