Private Labelling

More people are taking their health seriously and guarding what gets into their body. This also applies to the quality of the water they consume. Due to this fact, the water safety industry is growing at a remarkable pace, with millions of dollars being made in this market yearly.

You can take advantage of this multi-million-dollar industry to make more money by selling high-quality water safety products. At Smart Green Filters, we offer private labelling for different water filtration solutions.

If you want our products to have your company logo and name, we could make it happen for you within a few weeks. With our expert and experienced team of chemists, product specialists, engineers, and CAD designers, you can save yourself the extensive research and development of products but still have excellent products for your brand.

With Swift’s label reseller program, you can have your already designed logo or our team would help you create a logo and product design that suits your need. Private labelling enables you to build your brand and makes it more visible. Private labelling is also essential because most customers tend to remain loyal to a particular brand.

Our private label services

You can increase your profit margin by having your part number, logo and other vital information on your product. This enables you to increase your filter reorders, and replacement filters. We can customize the following on your products.

Name of the Product
Your Logo
Phone Number
Color Box
Manual & Any Other Vital Information

More Detail

Our private labelling services has been more than helpful to several brands around the globe and has also helped in brand marketing. Be you a big or small brand, you can be sure to get something that works for you through the private labelling option.

In the case of a small scale, looking out for business exposure and a wider reach, our platform provides this to you on a platter of gold. With your logo, contact details and vital information on your products, you can be sure to increase exposure and get your name to a wider circle of people. With this, you can achieve and retain your loyal customers and also increase your visibility. For much bigger brands who already have a large market and are all about maintaining their loyal customers, then we will help customize your products with your company details. This means that your customers will be patronizing these amazing products in your name.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our private labelling option today and get more visibility for your brand