Become an affiliate

If you have an online presence like a blog or website, and you are looking to increase your affiliate earnings, you can take advantage of our Swift Green Filters affiliate program.

Swift Green Filters is a renowned company producing high-quality water filtration products. Our Swift affiliate program allows you to earn on both the first and subsequent purchases. We give you assess to our exceptional marketing asset, and support, plus you get to boost your online presence.

At Swift Green Filters, we are passionate about being in business with people who share our passion for making available eco-friendly and quality products that give people instant access to clean water. Our products are useful in homes, schools, offices and industries, so you have a higher chance of making sales and getting a reasonable commission on each sale.

Become an affiliate with us and get our expert marketing support, and product guidelines to increase your earnings and online visibility.

Why you need to be a Swift affiliate marketer

Being an affiliate with Swift Green Filters not only allows you to make a positive impact on people's health by giving them access to clean water, but you also enjoy the following benefits.

High-earning product commission

Our commission on every sale is one of the highest for water safety products, including replacement filters, home filters. Our system keeps track of all your referrals and rewards you for every sale you make.

Well-known products and trusted brand

Being our affiliate allows you to advertise our products on your blog or websites. All our water filter products are made to meet the set standards, and most people already know the benefits of using our filters. This makes it easy to sell our water filter products.

Fast payouts

Our system registers any sale you make, and you would receive your payments on time. We do not delay our affiliate payments.

Expert support

We would provide you with the required graphics and links, and whenever you sell any product, we handle the warranty issues, customer service, and shipping.

Convenience and flexibility

Our affiliate program is convenient and flexible. You independently run your blog or website, set your own goal, and choose any of our products you wish to sell.

No startup cost

You do not need to pay to become our affiliate. By simply signing up with our affiliate program, you become one of our affiliates.

How the affiliate program works

After you have signed up with us, generated the links and posted it on your website or blog, you begin to earn commission on every sale. The process is a very simple and straightforward one, and our system keeps track of all your sales, but here is how it works.

  • Someone visits your page and clicks on the affiliate link.
  • Our system logs the visitor's IP address and places a cookie on the visitor's browser for tracking purposes.
  • The visitor goes through our site and may buy a product.
  • If the visitor places an order for any product, our system registers the order as your sale.
  • We approve the sale after reviewing it.
  • You receive your commission, which will be paid monthly.
Do not hesitate and jump on this affiliate program. You too can earn by joining our Swift Green filter affiliate program today.

How to become a Swift Authorized Distributor

Below are the Steps to become Authorized Distributor


First, you sign up here for a publisher account.


Get an approval


Select and publish the generated links on your blog or website


Make sales and get high-product commissions.